Ian Lewis (Chairman): A past President of the CTBF, Ian has been a Council Member of the fund for more than 20 years. He was involved in production for all his working life, serving as Manager Director of Universal Pictures for 13 of them, and CEO of Technicolor Ltd for three. He left to set up his own business, Completion Guarantee, which he ran until retirement in 2001. He was Chairman of the British Film and Television Producers’ Association and the Producers’ Association.
Michael-John Knatchbull (The Brabourne Family): Michael-John started his career in the film business working for ABC TV in Sydney in the 1970s. He then returned to the UK and worked as an editor, production manager and producer in films and television. He produced a major four part drama, ASHENDEN, for the BBC in 1991. He has also been involved in funding TV and film development and production. More recently he has been involved in a company building and operating cinemas which has now merged with Curzon Cinemas. His current interests besides the film industry are running a farm, property business and insurance.
Howard Lanning (British Cinema & Television Veterans, President): Howard has had a career spanning more than 50 years in film and sound editing, and is a Fellow of the British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society. He is a former Chairman of the British Guild of Film Editors and is currently President of the British Cinema and Television Veterans. He edited Boris Karloff’s last film and was a sound editor on Alec Guinness’s last film and supervised the first three years of Candid Camera in the UK. He has been lecturing on films since 2003, and comes from a family of film makers covering three generations, starting with his Father, three brothers and three nephews.
Eunice Bornasty (Secretary): Eunice is the Head of the CTBF Welfare Team. The team, which includes 12 full time Welfare Visitors and Honorary Welfare Visitors, ensures that existing beneficiaries and new applicants have all the state benefits that they are entitled to and then look at how the CTBF can help. This can involve dealing with the DWP, external debt advice organisations and contact with other charities. Eunice is a member of the Institute of Welfare Officers.