To be eligible candidates must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • They possess the talent required to succeed within their chosen field
  • They are in genuine need of financial assistance and our support will help them overcome hurdles in either their personal and/or professional lives
  • They are committed and driven to progress their career
  • They have worked for a minimum of two years behind the scenes in the Film and/or TV industries. This does not have to be continuous and can be accumulative

Please note:
We are unable to grant awards retrospectively. 

The CTBF are only able to support people who work in film and commercial television and this is set out in our articles of association within our constitution. If a person has worked in the film and/or commercial television industries for at least two years, either as staff or freelance, outside of any service at the BBC then they will still be eligible to apply. If you are in doubt, please contact us to discuss your situation prior to application.